We kept waiting of each other soooo many times….


And circumstances kept increasing our wait….


Please end this wait of ours…..


सहारा छूटा

सहारा छूटा  

मैंने जो चाहा वो मुझे मिला पर क्या खूब मिला!!सब अधूरा मिला, और बदले मेंतुम्हीं को खो दिया…मैंने वही कहा जो तुम सुनना चाहते थे; पर तुम वो नहीं सुन पाए जो मैंने कहा नहीं… या जो हमेशा सुनकर भी अनसुना कर दिया तुमने… खैर… अब कहूँगी भी तो क्या? तुम विश्वास करोगे नहीं… भले ही वो झूठ ही क्यों ना था पर इस बात से खुश हूँ कि; तुम अब जाकर अपनी ज़िंदगी मेरे बग़ैर जिओगे.. इस अनचाहे रिश्ते को और कितना खींचते? जब तुमने ही बीच राह में छोड़ दिया तो और क्या उम्मीद करूँ? एक दिन ख़तम करना था,तो मैंने ख़तम कर दिया… चाहे कितना भी दु:ख क्यों ना झेलना परे.. झेल लूँगी, सह लूँगी जैसे झेलती आई हूँ…. सहती आई हूँ..

My Marriage

My Marriage

I waited long. 

I dreamt so much about my marriage.

Those dreams that I dreamt about….

Would spend my whole lifespan with the man of my dreams, the true love of my life.

Would be happy each second, each moment.

Happy to be with his company, to be in his arms.

Would felt that feeling of warmth, love, care, affection and security that I once felt being with him.

Would have fun, a playful marriage.

Would raise our beautiful children, would teach them right.

We would be there for our kids, whenever they need us.

When there would be summer, we would go on family vacations.

If not disney land, it would be some nice places.

Would watch our kids grow up into fine adults and 

Would leave to start their own lives,

It would be just him and me.

We would spend the rest of our days living happily together,

Doing things we’ve always wanted to do.

Things like travelling or anything else we can think of.

This love, that true love never fades…

But I did not know these dreams would turn into nightmares..

And today he does not want me to be happy.

He has even cursed me that I won’t have a successful marriage!

And its more painful to hear these things from that One,

With whom you were once in love !